Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bright and Sunny Day

It was a bright and sunny day yesterday and the temperature was in the 70’s so my husband and I decided to go to The Plex here in Wichita Falls. This is an amusement and recreation park wherein parents take their kids to ride the bumper boats, go-carts, play video games and also play golf. It has also a fastfood restaurant. My husband and I had fun seeing all those kids playing and enjoying to the fullest. We took the opportunity to explore the park and took some photos and I uploaded a few in my photo section in my profile.The view in this park is nice especially in the golf course area. After roaming around the park we went home and I asked my husband to cook for me home made meatloaf. This is his recipe that I like the most. It tastes so good, hmmm, yummy, yummy. He also cooked dressing, but it’s just one of those ready to cook dressing but it taste good too. I prepared a vegetable salad, all my vegetables are organic though. I prefer organic because they are free of pesticide, herbicide and synthetic fertilizer which is not good for the body. I also cooked chicken afritada which my husband like very much. All the meat we used are all from free range animals meaning they were not given antibiotics, growth hormones and other chemicals. All these organic things were recommended by my nutritionist. I used to weigh 138 lbs as a result of eating at fastfoods and buffet restaurants but after eating those recommended diets by my nutritionist my weight dropped down to 105 lbs which is just proportional to my 5′1" height. I went from size 8 to size 4. That’s a result of self discipline in eating and also exercise. Whew! I have to buy new set of clothes since most of my clothes are loose now. That’s one of the downside. My husband is also on a diet right now and he already shed off some pounds. It won’t be long and he will have to buy new set of pants too.

We really had a good meal last night and my husband said that we are a good cooking team. Oh well, husband and wife should help each other especially he’s off in the weekends. I love my husband though, he’s a good man and I really thank God for giving him to me.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Husband's Birthday

Guess what? It’s my husband’s birthday today! I won’t tell how old is he now because his number is unlisted, he-he-he! Since I woke up this morning, I’ve been busy cooking for our lunch so when he comes home from work to eat, lunch would be ready. I decided to cook Filipino foods since he like them, like pancit, lumpia, beans and I tried to cook my favorite meatloaf. It really made me tired cooking all these things just by myself but I had to since I want to please my husband on his birthday. Lunch was not yet ready though when he got home because he came home earlier than what I expected. I asked him to take out the meatloaf from the oven and try to drain the grease and when he took it out from the oven, he asked me when will I put the tomato sauce. Oh my gosh! I told him I forgot about it since I had a lot of things to cook all at the same time and it’s also my fist time to cook meatloaf. So he had to put tomato sauce on top of the meatloaf and put it back inside the oven. He was in a hurry to go back to work so he ate and did not wait for the meatloaf and decided to just eat it tonight. He ended up just eating the pancit, lumpia and the beans minus the meatloaf. Before he went back to work I prepared some pancit and lumpia to give to his boss and his friends at work.

What can I say about my husband? I want to tell the world that I am blessed to have a husband like him who loves me unconditionally and who accepted me for what and who I am. He also loves my family and treats them as his own. He see to it that he tells me those three sweetest words everyday "I LOVE YOU" and he did that since we got married. He never changed since we first met, he’s still loving and caring and I love him for that. We don’t have what you call perfect relationship because there’s no such thing as that, but we managed to settle our differences if ever we have before we go to sleep. One thing I dislike about him though, he likes to tickle me and it seems like his day is not complete without tickling me. He knows that I’m ticklish and sometimes he overdo it and it makes me scream and get mad at him. I told him I don’t wanna be tickled. He will then say sorry but the next day he will do it again. That’s the way my husband is, he has this childlike trait in him. He has also a great sense of humor and he likes to watch comedy shows. I like the way he laugh while watching sitcoms, it made me laugh too but not because of the show but because of the way he laugh. This guy I’m married too is unique in every way and I love him and he loves me and we’re stuck with each other for the rest of our lives. I will grow old with him and he with me with the blessings from our God Almighty, for He is our matchmaker and He’s the one who give us each other.

To my husband George, my honey, Happy Birthday and may the Lord bless you and give you many more returns of the day…