Thursday, November 20, 2008

House Sold!

After more than a year that our house was on the market, it’s finally sold. My hubby and I together with a friend of ours who was our witness went to sign the papers this morning with our buyer. After that they gave us the payment. It’s really an answered prayer. A lot of people wanted to buy our house but the problem was, they have no money to pay cash. We wanted our house to be paid cash because we are planning to go back to the Philippines. With the real estate market situation that everything is not doing well and the price of houses dropped in the market, selling a house nowadays is not that easy, especially we want cash payment for our house. We still owe money from the person whom we bought the house, so we need to pay him off. We just got some of the equity that we paid for our house. It’s better than renting an apartment. You can’t get back anything afterwards.

The Lord is really, really faithful to His promises. We’ve been praying and trusting Him that He will send us a buyer of our house in His perfect time and He did. I got my passport 2 weeks ago, we sold our house and the other blessing that we’re waiting is on the way. Everything that we asked from the Lord, He gave it to us. We can’t thank Him enough. Thank you Lord. Words are not enough to express our deepest and heartfelt thanks for all the things you’ve done for us. Philippines, see you soon…

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Got My US Passport

I received my US passport in the mail today. I applied for it last October 16th and the clerk in the post office told me it will take 4 to 6 weeks before I will receive it. I’m glad that it only took 3 weeks and now I got it. I didn’t find my US naturalization certificate in the envelope with my passport. I told my hubby that they didn’t return my naturalization certificate. He said they will mail it back to me. I still wanted to verify how come they didn’t return it with my passport. So what I did, I called the number I found in the enclosed pamphlet and asked them about my US naturalization certificate. The lady asked my name, SS number and date of birth and then she told me that they gonna mail back to me my US naturalization certificate separately in about 2 to 4 weeks. I told her I just wanted to know because I submitted to them the original copy of my naturalization certificate and I didn’t make any copy because it was stated there that it’s prohibited by law to make any copy of it. So I just have to wait for that to arrive in the mail.

I’m just so happy and excited because I have now my US passport and I can travel outside the country especially to my beloved country Philippines. I miss my family terribly. I hope to see them soon. I thank God for answered prayers. Words are not enough Lord to express my thanks and gratitude to You. You’ve been so good and faithful even though sometimes I think I don’t deserve it. Your love for me is so great. I LOVE YOU LORD and I am thine!!!