Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dual Citizenship and Permanent Resident Visa

It took 3 weeks before I got my certificate and oath of allegiance for my dual citizenship. We went to pick it up in the immigration office in Manila on the 13th of November. Hubby was impressed how quick the processing of papers here compared to the US. It took forever to wait there when I filed for my green card and citizenship. Having a dual citizenship means I can enjoy the privileges and benefits of both countries and I can stay here for as long as I want to without having to pay for the extension of my visa.

That same day I got my dual citizenship, I filed my petition for the release of hubby’s permanent resident visa. I brought all the required documents, paid the initial fee worth Php2,520. He was scheduled to go back on the 18th of November for the hearing. So we went again to Manila on the scheduled day. Unfortunately, my sister’s van was color coded that day so we had to take the passenger bus. It’s a good thing that the scheduled time for hubby’s hearing was 10:00 AM. The bus had to stop at the bus station twice. That’s what I dislike taking the bus. My sister went with us because she’s more familiar with the ins and outs in Manila.

We arrived at immigration office 35 minutes earlier. Hubby was right when he said that it’s Filipino time here so his schedule of 10:00 AM became 10:20 AM. We had to wait on the lawyer who’s supposed to do the hearing. The so-called hearing was just like a casual conversation between us and the lawyer with just few questions about us and that was it. We were told to call their office after a week and that’s tomorrow for follow-up. Then if it’s approved, we have to go back there again so they can stamp on my hubby’s passport.