Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year, New Post!

Happy 2013! It's my first post for this year after a long hiatus from this blog. Well, to start the new year right, I'm here here posting, lol! I hope this will continue as the days go by. It's been ages since my last post here. I have a few blogs and this one is being left behind. I'll try my best to keep posting here every now and then.

I love floral and balloon dresses and I have quite a few collections. I don't know but I'm really attracted with bright and flowery dresses. Every time I see one in the store, it always catch my eye. Here's one dress that I bought on an impulse when I saw it on sale. I didn't plan to buy one but when I saw it, I never think twice and just bought on impulse. I first wore it in the church one Sunday morning and when I got home, I had a pictorial, lol!