Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Getaway

What a blessing to be able to go on a weekend vacation with our loved ones! My hubby and I were invited by Wayne and Melissa to spend a couple of nights with them at Tanglewood Resort Hotel in Pottsboro. The place was so great, peaceful and relaxing. Our suite has 2 bedrooms and it’s fully furnished. It’s been 2 years since the last time we’ve seen Wayne and Melissa and they flew from Iowa to spend a week vacation here in Texas. My hubby and I had a great time being with them. Wayne is my hubby’s oldest son and residing in Iowa for 10 years now. He has a very sweet and lovely wife. Last Saturday, Melissa took me to a massage clinic in the resort just beside our hotel to have a tranquility massage. She said it’s their gift to me for becoming a US citizen. I found out that the massage cost $80 an hour. So pricey compared to what I’ve been paying to my former massage therapist. But in fairness, the massage was really, really good, so relaxing and I almost fell asleep there. They call it the Swedish massage. I’m so thankful to Wayne and Melissa for being a blessing to us this weekend.

Later that afternoon, we went to see Lake Texoma. We took some photos there and on the way back we stopped by a pumpkin patch. We just went inside and looked around, took photos and went back to our hotel. Yesterday, we went to look for the miniature golf course in Sherman only to find out that it was already closed and went out of business. Wayne just drove around and we went to see the Wildlife and the lake again. Before heading back home yesterday afternoon, we stopped by to eat at IHop in Sherman. It was a good weekend get away for us. My hubby and I just can’t afford to stay in a fancy and fabulous hotel like that in Tanglewood. Just imagine, they charge $450 a night there. It’s a good thing that Wayne and Melissa were using the time share of her parents in that place or else, it’s hard to afford it. They are still there right now and they gonna fly back to Iowa on Friday. They will have to visit Wayne’s siblings in Alvarado before going back home.

See more photos by clicking HERE.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Party For My US Citizenship Tomorrow

I have wrote in my other blogs that I finally sworn in as a US citizen last October 2nd in Arlington Convention Center. My church family who had been wanting to attend were not able to go because it was not held here in our city. It was more than 2 hours drive and my hubby and I went to spend the night at Shelly’s house in Cleburne because it’s a closer drive rather than from here in our place.

I told my church family that we will just celebrate after my oath ceremony. So tomorrow, we will have my citizenship party in our church’s dining hall right after our evening service. I made a lot of lumpia already because everybody in our church love it. Ann’s mom-in-law made a cake and she decorated it with US flags. It really looks neat! I just put it in our refrigerator and I’ll bring it to church tomorrow. Ms. Marsha will also make a cake and she said some of our church members will bring food. I’m excited for tomorrow’s celebration.