Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dual Citizenship and Permanent Resident Visa

It took 3 weeks before I got my certificate and oath of allegiance for my dual citizenship. We went to pick it up in the immigration office in Manila on the 13th of November. Hubby was impressed how quick the processing of papers here compared to the US. It took forever to wait there when I filed for my green card and citizenship. Having a dual citizenship means I can enjoy the privileges and benefits of both countries and I can stay here for as long as I want to without having to pay for the extension of my visa.

That same day I got my dual citizenship, I filed my petition for the release of hubby’s permanent resident visa. I brought all the required documents, paid the initial fee worth Php2,520. He was scheduled to go back on the 18th of November for the hearing. So we went again to Manila on the scheduled day. Unfortunately, my sister’s van was color coded that day so we had to take the passenger bus. It’s a good thing that the scheduled time for hubby’s hearing was 10:00 AM. The bus had to stop at the bus station twice. That’s what I dislike taking the bus. My sister went with us because she’s more familiar with the ins and outs in Manila.

We arrived at immigration office 35 minutes earlier. Hubby was right when he said that it’s Filipino time here so his schedule of 10:00 AM became 10:20 AM. We had to wait on the lawyer who’s supposed to do the hearing. The so-called hearing was just like a casual conversation between us and the lawyer with just few questions about us and that was it. We were told to call their office after a week and that’s tomorrow for follow-up. Then if it’s approved, we have to go back there again so they can stamp on my hubby’s passport.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Scared Neighbor

Yesterday morning, one of our neighbors who is an elderly lady came to our house. She said she was not able to sleep the previous night because she was thinking of the coming typhoon and a possible earthquake that she heard in the news. She feared that the dam will break and our area will be flooded. She wanted to evacuate now and she even packed some of her clothes already. She was so paranoid. We told her that in case that thing will happen, she’s not alone. She’s afraid to die just like those people who died during the flood. My brother advised her to stop watching the news so she will not get nervous. I’ve been witnessing to her about salvation and putting her trust in Jesus. If you are saved and you know for sure that you will spend eternity in heaven, then there’s nothing to fear. Come what may, you know who holds tomorrow and who’s in control of anything that happens in this world. It’s Jesus Christ, my Savior and my coming King.

I just pray that the typhoon will change its course and will not pass here in our place. I put my trust in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of my faith.

Monday, October 19, 2009


…hubby and I got to go to Manila this morning to file for my dual citizenship. I must admit, I’ve been postponing to go there because I really don’t like to go to Manila because I hate the traffic there and also we always get a bad experience from the crocodiles in the streets ( mga buwaya sa kalsada na pulis) and MMDA workers. But since we are already here in my homeland for 9 months now, I have to file my application before the expiration of our free stay here or we have to pay huge amount for the extension of our visas. Our free stay here is only good for a year.

I already have the form for Retention/Re-acquisition of Philippine citizenship which I got from the immigration office in Dagupan not long after we got here. I could have filed it there but they don’t accept dual citizenship application here in the province. So I filled it out and attached all the requirements which are Duly accomplished application form, 2 pieces passport size photo, photocopy of naturalization certificate and US passport, proof as natural born Philippine citizen, the original and a copy of at least one of the following: your Phil. birth certificate, old Phil. passport, Voter’s ID, marriage certificate, 2 legal size self addressed stamp envelopes. All these should be fastened in a legal size folder. The payment for the application is Php3,000.

So early this morning, we drove to the Immigration Office in Intramuros, Manila. I hired a driver to drive my sister’s van. My hubby and my sis went with me. The driver took the NLEX route and the road reminded me of the express way in the US. No traffic and the road was constructed like the roads in the states. When we reached Intamuros, we looked for the Bureau Of Immigration and we didn’t have a hard time looking for it because it’s situated close to the Manila Cathedral. The filing went smoothly, no problem at all. I will just follow up my application thru the phone after a week and if it’s already approved, I’ll go back and pick up my oath of allegiance and I’ll have to file for my hubby’s permanent residency here. It will be my turn to petition him.

We’ll, the story didn’t end there. When we were on the road (still in Manila) going back home, naku, heto na naman po ang mga buwaya sa kalsada. Pinahinto yong driver namin dahil meron daw violation. Ano ba naman yan, kakainis na kayo. Wala namang violation pero ginawan ni buwaya. Nag-change lane kasi driver namin at sinundan lang naman niya yong van na nasa harap niya pero di naman hnuli yong van na yon. Sinabi ba naman na nag-ca-cause daw ng traffic yong ginawa ng driver namin kaya humingi ng lagay, Php500. Alam yata nila pag galing probinsiya yong sasakyan kasi sa plate number. Siyempre pag kukunin yong lisensiya, hassle na kasi uuwi pa ng probinsiya. Alangan namang babalikan pa e ang layo ng biyahe kaya walang option yong driver kundi magbayad, pero galing naman sa akin yong pinambayad. Nakakainis na. Ilang beses na nangyari eto sa amin sa Manila. Last time no’ng sinundo kami galing airport. Ang laki noon ang hiningi, Php3,500. Seventhousand sana pero nakiusap bayaw ko. Kelan kaya matitigil ang mga modus operandi ng mga mga buwaya sa kalsada? Kanino kaya eto irereport para matigil na. Nakakahiya ang mga kapwa ko Pilipino. Kelan kaya kayo magbabago mga pulis na mangungutong???

Dumaan pala kami kanina sa Clark para mag-grocery.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

7 Blissful Years

Hubby and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary last September 11. How time flies! It’s like it’s only been yesterday since we got married. Time flies so fast when you’re having fun. It doesn’t mean though that we didn’t have problems in our married life. Of course like all married couples, we had our ups and downs. There were some minor misunderstandings, trials, health and financial problems but we survived it all with God’s help. Interracial marriage needs a lot of adjustment especially we came from different culture and race. Being married with my hubby for the past 7 years, I got to know him a lot better and vice versa. I can’t thank God enough for giving my hubby to me who love me unconditionally. I pray to the good Lord to give us more years of being together because I want to grow old with him and he with me and together we will serve and worship the Lord all the days of our lives. Read about our wedding anniversary celebration here.

It’s Been Ages…

…since the last time I updated this blog. I know I have neglected posting here and the main reason is I just felt lazy updating this blog. I have 6 blogs and it’s time consuming updating all of them. I ran out of topic that I can write and it seems that my brain is not really working if I’m not in the mood to write.

We’ve been here in the Philippines for more than 8 months now and I’m loving it here. I get to eat all the foods that I’ve been craving when I was in the states. Vegetables here are cheap and the fish are fresh. My hubby and I have been enjoying all the foods here and we both gained weight already. This is the part that I don’t like. I hate to say that I’m 9 lbs heavier already. Blame it to the foods that are so yummy!!! No, I’m not the one cooking, it’s my brother Celso. He is such a good cook. My hubby’s favorites here are adobong pusit (squid), fried pusit, grilled pusit… As long as it’s pusit, he will eat it no matter how it’s cooked. Lately, string beans are so abundant here and if the supply is high, the price is low. So we’ve been buying it almost everyday and my brother cook it as dinengdeng mixed with other veggies and fried fish. Sometimes he cooked it as adobong sitaw. My hubby got tired eating it and he said how he wish they will increase the price so we will not buy it no more, he-he!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Panagbenga 2009

This is a late post because it’s been a week since we went to Baguio to watch the Panagbenga 2009. Baguio was so crowded and everywhere I turned therewere tons of people. The highlight of the event were the street dancing competition and the float parade. The street dancing was done last Saturday. The next day was the float parade. There were more people last Sunday because they wanted to see those celebrities like Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, Ogie Alcasid and Alyssa Alano. Hubby and I went to the sports complex and we waited for the floats to arrive because that’s where they all gonna end up. The sun was shining and it was hot especially there were too many people. I even got sunburned so my skin color now is dark brown. Next year I will just watch it in the tv. I just wanted to take my hubby there so he can watch it live too for the first time. He doesn’t like the crowd so next time we’ll just stay at home. As I’ve promised, here are the photos taken during the float parade.

Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson on the float

Alyssa Alano

singer Ogie Alcasid

Friday, February 27, 2009

We're Off To Baguio To Watch Panagbenga 2009

We’re preparing to go to Baguio tonight to watch the Panagbenga 2009. The street dancing competition will be tomorrow at 8:00 AM. We’re just waiting on my sister and my bro-in-law to come home from work then off we go. My hubby is excited because this will be his first time to watch the Panagbenga. The float parade will be on Sunday morning. This is the biggest event in Baguio every year and I’m pretty sure that Baguio is crowded now. Lots of people from the lowlands go up to Baguio to watch this event. Me and the whole family will be going except my aunt and my youngest brother. I will be posting here the update in the next few days. Expect to see some photos too. Till then.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What An Experience!

Hey guys, it’s been ages since the last time I updated this blog. Just been busy lately with all the packing and moving. Finally, at last, we’re here in the Philippines! It’s good to be home after more than 5 years of being away and lived in a foreign land. We’ll be staying here for a while and we’ll start a ministry for the Lord. That’s one reason we moved here. In the meantime, we already went to some places here. The next day after we arrived in Manila, my hubby together with my siblings, nephews and bro-in-law went to the Mall Of Asia. It was my first time to see this mall and it’s so humungous.They said it’s the biggest mall in Asia. One day is not enough to see all the stores there. We ate lunch in the food court and we roamed around the mall. We even rode their free ride and it took us around. We did some shopping, mostly groceries and flip flop for me and house sandal for my hubby. We stayed in the mall to kill the time because we waited until 6:30 PM to drive home because my bro-in-law’s van was color coded that day. The van was parked infront of the hotel where my hubby and I stayed for the night.

We left Manila at 6:30 PM and before we exited Manila I drifted off to sleep because hubby and I were not able to sleep the previous night because of jet lag. Then I was waken because of a very loud voice. Two highway patrol officers had chasen our van and my bro-in-law had to pull over. My bro-in-law was surprised what’s his violation and one of them said that he was on the wrong lane. He spoke so harsh and he then asked for the driver’s license of my bro-in-law. The van’s window was open and the officer had seen my hubby in the window. My sister got off the van and approached one of the officers. She pleaded to excuse her hubby and not take his driver’s license. He didn’t listen so my sister went inside again. Then I can’t help myself but plead too. My bro-in-law said he will just pay right there and then because it’s a lot of hassle to go back again to Manila from Pangasinan and get back his license. Besides he’s working and he can’t drive without it. So he offered to pay a thousand under the table but the officer didn’t accept it. Would you believe he wanted P3500 as under the table payment. He had seen my hubby and crooked officers here in PI thought that all Americans got lots of money. How disgusting! My bro-in-law made a bargain and ended up paying P2500. He said “nakibalato lang ako”.

It’s a shame how these crooked highway patrolmen operate in Manila and that was the second time my hubby had witnessed it. The first time was during his first visit to the Philippines. Nakakahiya talaga ang mga buwaya sa kalsada. Matakot kayo sa karma. I had to replace the money that my bro-in-law had to pay so he can concentrate driving. It was really a bad experience for him. Their van broke off in the express way the night they’re supposed to pick us up in the airport. He tried to repair the van but he wasn’t able to so they had it towed to a mechanic shop. He and my siblings and my 2 nephews spent the night in the van and waited until it was fixed. Then they came to the hotel where we stayed. My bro-in-law apologized to my hubby for the bad experience that he had seen there in Manila regarding the crooked highway patrolmen. What a way to make a living! My youngest brother had observed that they covered their name tags so it can’t be seen. I fet sad for them because they’re on their way to hell unless they repent from their sins and accept the One who died for them.