Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Our Pastor Retires

Pastor Bill Jackson decided to retire after 60 years of ministry. His last day was last Sunday. He and his wife Ms. Joyce will be moving to Hot Spring, Arkansas. He said that it doesn’t mean that he gonna retire from serving the Lord. He just won’t be pastoring a church no more but he will teach in a Bible School in Arkansas. Members of our church got sad and some were crying because we gonna miss them. They are a good, very warm and loving couple. After our evening service last Sunday, we had a farewell party for them, we had foods and the church gave them some gifts to show our love and appreciation to Bro. Bill for being a pastor in our church for almost 14 years and also to his wife. I hugged Ms. Joyce and she was crying. I told her we surely gonna miss both of them. Ms. Joyce is our pianist in the church and she’s a very sweet and Godly woman. Everytime I give something to her like eggrolls or native cakes she always send me a thank you card. We gonna miss both of them. The church members had been praying to God to send us a pastor He would like us to have, a pastor who will be a good leader and one who will preach the Word to win more souls for Jesus.