Friday, August 22, 2008

It’s Been Raining

We had been having lots of rain here in Texas lately. For the past few days, it’s been raining and I was so glad because we really needed the rain. My vegetables in my garden had perked up after the rain. In fact I harvested lots of okra lately and also my ampalaya have more leaves now and starting to bear more fruits. I gathered some camote tops and I boiled it, dipped it with patis and vinegar. Also the saluyot that I planted got more leaves so I gathered it and cooked it with the squash flowers, okra and mixed it with fried fish. Yummy! It’s like I’m in the Philippines when I eat these vegetables. I just wish I have some bamboo shoots too. Anyways, I thank God for the rain. It really helped us a lot.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Hubby Preached Tonight

Our pastor and his wife are out of the state so he assigned my hubby and other preachers to preach in his absence. This morning, it was Bro. Allen who preached and the title of his message was Saving Our Children. I enjoyed listening to his message. He’s a good and lively preacher with a good sense of humor.

Tonight, it was my hubby’s turn to preach. He’s been preparing for it and I’ve been praying for him since I’ve learned that our dear pastor assigned him to preach for tonight. Before we left the house we prayed together that God will bless his message and God will speak through him as he brings his message. I know my hubby is a little bit nervous because he’s not been preaching that often. When he was in the Philippines, he preached many times in our church there so he gained confidence. Here in the US, it’s only once in a while that he preaches.

While my hubby was preaching, I was busy in my seat praying for him. I prayed that God will give him heavenly wisdom, clarity of thoughts and loosen the stummering tongue. I’m the number 1 critic of my hubby and I give him some suggestions on how to improve the way he delivers his message. I suggested to him to speak louder and not to pause for a long period of time. I told him to just keep on talking so the audience will not be bored. So far he delivered his message well tonight. His message by the way was entitled Why Praise God and his text verse was found in Psalm 92:1 which says, "It is good to give thanks to the LORD, and to sing praises to thy name O Most High."


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Birthday

Another year has just been added in my life and I’m so grateful to the good Lord for His never ending blessings and provisions. For all these years since He created me in this vast world, He was always with me whether in times of joy, troubles or trials. Most of you know that I’ve been to a lot of trials in my life. It was during those times that I held on to God’s promises and my faith in Him was strengthened. God never failed me and I just want to thank and praise His Holy name. I thank God for my life and for the joy of my salvation. I thank God for giving me a loving husband whom I love dearly. I thank God for my family and friends who stood with me during those times that I needed them. I thank God for sending His dear Son Jesus Christ who died in the cross for my sins so that I would be reconciled with Him and be with Him in heaven someday. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you God and I praise your holy name. Bless the Lord O my soul.

I received a lot of birthday greetings from my friends and loved ones. Friends from the church and my friends in Friendster sent me good wishes. My siblings in the Philippines sent me text messages and greeted me a happy birthday. I am so thankful for all those who remembered me. Your thoughtfulness touched my heart. To celebrate my birthday, I cooked meatloaf, pancit and lumpia. I didn’t invite anybody. It’s just me and my hubby who ate what I cooked and it made me happy that he always love to eat the foods that I cooked. The meatloaf was gone before I had time to take a photo so it’s not in the picture. My hubby gave me my birthday presents a day before my birthday. Wanna know what did he gave me? See the photos HERE. I blogged about it in my other site.