Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving Celebration

My husband and I decided to go to Alvarado to celebrate thanksgiving with the kids and grandkids. He was off Wednesday so we drove there after lunch. It was a 2 hr 30 minutes drive. It’s been 6 months since the last time we were there and we miss all of them. My husband and I were glad to see Lorenzo Alexander, (my hubby call him LA) the youngest grandkid. He really is a cutie and he really likes me and I like him too. He likes to pose infront of the camera and whenever the camera flashes he make faces and show his teeth.

On Thanksgiving Day, my step-daughter Stacy cooked a lot of foods like turkey, ham, dressing, macaroni & cheese, green beans, pumpkin pie, apple pie, banana pudding and Sherry made pistachio pudding and mashed potatoes. I also cooked pancit and everybody likes it. I forgot to bring the eggrolls that I made. Before we began eating my husband had to say the blessing and thanked God for His goodness and provisions.

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We all enjoyed the food and we all had a good time eating those delicious foods.

On Friday night, we went to see the Christmas lights in Hulen Park in Cleburne. Sherry and LA went with us. Oh, the lights were so pretty. We took some photos there.


They also made a manger scene with the Christmas lights, also the American flag, a train and also a very tall Christmas tree made of lights.

We’re supposed to go back home Saturday, but my hubby decided to go to Shelly’s house in Cleburne and spend the day with her and her family but unfortunately they went out of town. They went to Jefferson to see those antique stores there. Shelly by the way is my oldest step-daughter. My hubby and I just went to eat at Golden Coral since it was already lunch time before going back to Alvarado.

Sunday, we drove back home but I asked my hubby to stop at the mall in Forth Worth because I wanted to do a little shopping. I bought some house decors and other stuff. Then the next stop was at the Oriental store in Haltom City. I bought some fresh fish (bangus, sapsap at gg). I really love fish more than meat. I also bought vegetables and groceries like ligo sardines from the Philippines, mungo beans, lumpia wrappers, nata de coco, palm seeds, etc. I bought also oranges and persimmon fruits. I love persimmon, it taste sweet and really good.
After that I was finally done and we drove back home here in Wichita Falls. It’s good to be home.