Friday, June 25, 2010

Water Baptism

I praise God for His unending blessings and provisions. As I mentioned before, we have an outreach and I’m teaching Sunday school. The kids that I taught at VBS are now my Sunday school pupils and ten of them got saved and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. They were baptized by George at the beach last month, praise God! We invited their parents to come and witnessed the water baptism of their kids, There were three parents of the kids who came. My 2 siblings and there families went with us too. We hired a jeepney, cooked some foods, went to picked up the kids and off we went to the beach. It was a hot morning and the beach was full of people. Most of the cottages were occupied and the rate had skyrocketed. It’s a good thing that we found a vacant cottage and though the rent was pricey, we took it. That was Sunday morning of May 16 and we held our service there.

After the service, I gathered the kids and talked to them that we will go there at the water at the same time. So hubby baptized each of the 10 kids at the beach. Most of them were so excited. We took some photos as souvenir of that wonderful day in their lives. Then it flashed in my mind when I had my water baptism at the same beach 22 years ago. The thing is I didn’t have a photo as a souvenir of my water baptism. Di pa uso no’n ang digicam. It’s such a joy to see people get saved especially those young kids. After the water baptism, everybody went back to our cottage and savored the foods that we prepared. Then all the kids went swimming.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day today and I want to greet all the Fathers in the world a Happy Father’s Day! I just wish that my dad is still alive so I can greet him and tell him how much I love him. It’s been more than 10 years since the good Lord took him home. Whenever I think of him I just can’t help myself but feel sad because he’s not with us no more. He didn’t see me and my two brothers got married. Among us siblings, it’s only my sister Violy’s wedding that he witnessed way back in 1996. Then he also had seen his two grand kids from my sister. Two years after he passed away, I got married. My dad would have been so happy had he seen me getting married to a a good American man. He would have been very proud of my hubby. My two youngest brothers have now their own family and both of them have one baby girl each. It’s their turn to be a father and today we celebrated Father’s Day with a simple meal at home after our church service. We bought 2 roasted chicken and a half gallon double dutch ice cream and we cooked some veggies too. Happy Father’s day to my hubby, my 2 brothers and my brother-in-law. You guys are the best!