Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Banquet

Last Sunday, we had our Christmas banquet after our church service. The kids in my Sunday School especially the girls were dressed up for the first time. I told them that we will have a picture taking during that day. They girls were pretty and some were wearing their sandals. I could tell they were so excited. The boys sang special song during the worship service followed by the girls. Then we listened to the message given by Pastor George. It’s all about Christmas of course. After the service we had our lunch inside the church. The tables and chairs were arranged to accommodate the pots of rice and different foods. I cooked chicken adobo and white beans. One of my uncles cooked pinakbet as I requested. It was so good. There was ginataang gabi, monggo, ginisang upo, lumpia, dinengdeng, etc. The kids were served first and then the adults. They like my chicken adobo. It was all gone. I was so full that day. I gained weight this holiday season. I hope to lose it soon.

We had parlor games after lunch. But before that, I asked the kids to recite all the verses that I asked them to memorize since we started Sunday School. There were three who were able to memorize but the first prize went to the 7 year old girl named Melissa. She has s fantastic memory. I gave the 2nd prize to a 9 year old girl and the 3rd prize went to an 11 year old boy. Then we started the parlor games. The kids and the adults participated. I gave out prizes to the winners and I distributed chocolates and candies to all. The kids and adults had a blast that day. We went home exhausted but I enjoyed it.

Youth Camp

Our young people will be going to attend the youth camp this coming 27th to 30th of this month. It will be their first time to attend and I’ve been helping them raise funds for their registration and fare. Most of our youth come from a poor family and so it’s really a burden for the parents to send them especially one mom has 3 kids who wanna go. I have 2 friends who already promised to help. I hope and pray that God will provide our youth’s financial need so they would be able to attend. I’m sure they will be greatly blessed with all the preaching, activities and also meeting new Christian friends from different Baptist churches. I’m planning to go with them as their counselor and chaperon.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Practice Today

The girls in my Sunday school had their practice today for their song number on Sunday. They will sing the Christmas song “Joy To The World.” I thought all of them know this song but to my surprise they don’t know it. I asked them what Christmas songs they know or what Christmas songs they learned from their school teacher and they said none. I was dismayed to hear that nowadays, public school teachers don’t teach their pupils some Christmas songs unlike during my grade school years. My teachers taught us Christmas songs during this season. The kids don’t even know the tune of “Joy To The World” so I have to teach them, sigh! I thought this is a very popular song that even young kids can sing but I was mistaken. Maybe the kids in that village where our church is have no radio or don’t watch tv very often. Maybe they don’t have CDs to listen to. Whatever. Tomorrow It’s the boys turn to practice their song and I hope they are better.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wrapping Gifts and Prizes

Been busy buying gifts and prizes yesterday and today for our Christmas party in our church. We will be having parlor games for the kids as well as the adults. I already wrapped the gifts for the 2 kids who memorized most of the memory verses that I gave them. Also I wrapped the gift for the girl who always give her time to clean the church and arrange the chairs when hubby and I can’t make it. I wrapped a few of the prizes for the parlor games and I still have a bunch to wrap. I do it myself and I’m enjoying it.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Preparations

Yesterday I asked my youngest brother to drive for me. We went to the grocery store and bought prices for our Christmas party in our church on Sunday. I bought mostly junk foods, chocolates, candies and lollipops for the kids. We will be having our Christmas banquet after our service on Sunday, December 19th. Then we will have parlor games for the kids and adults. I will wrap the prices that I bought. The kids in my Sunday school will be having their exchange gifts too. I’m pretty sure they will enjoy our Christmas celebration.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Film Showing Ministry

We will be having a film showing tonight in our church. It was supposed to be last week but since we were busy with all the moving, we postponed it. The kids and the adults thought it was last Friday night and they were all there waiting. It was really a miscommunication. Today, we went to invite people for tonight’s film showing in our church. We will be doing it outside the building since it’s just small house and it won’t accommodate a lot of people. We will be showing the movie, “The Burning Hell.” Hubby will give a message after the film showing. I just hope and pray that people will be convicted and get saved.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Place To Stay

For almost two years since we arrived here in my homeland, hubby and I were staying in our family home with my brother, his wife and their 2 year old baby. My siblings and I were born and raised in that house and it’s my sister and I who spent for the renovation when we were still single and working. My aunt was still alive when we arrived January last year but she passed away last February. My aunt was the only sibling of my late mom so she inherited the house from their parents. Since she has no kids the house is automatically passed on to me and my siblings. My late sister and her family has a house and also my youngest brother and family. My other brother and I have no house of our own so we stayed in our family home. Hubby had been wanting to rent a house but I objected because why rent if we have a house to stay for free. Besides, I missed my siblings, nephews and nieces especially my aunt so I wanted to be with them and have bonding. I also wanted to help my brother because he was unemployed that time. So hubby and I spent money for the expansion of our bedroom and put a built-in cabinet for our clothes.

After my sister Violy passed away last September, I’ve been so lonely and every time I go to their house which is just next door, I can’t help myself but cry. Their house brings back a lot of memories of my sister and I just sobbed and sobbed alone inside their house while sitting at the couch where she used to sleep when she was sick. Hubby had seen me many times crying and he told me that it would be better to move out and find a house to rent so I will not be missing my sister but I said no until last month that my brother and I had a misunderstanding and it made me cry because I was hurt deeply. I then realized that it’s not good to stay in a house with two families. I told hubby that we will find a house for rent and move out of the house. I know it’s just normal for siblings to have some petty quarrels and misunderstandings but I had sleepless nights and my chest was heavy. My brother apologized and said sorry but I didn’t forgive him right away because I was hurt. Hubby told me to forgive him and not delay. So I talked to my brother and forgave him.

After a couple of weeks, the Lord has blessed us and we found a nice house to rent just a 5 minute drive from our family home. It’s a 2 bedroom bungalow house, 1 1/2 bathroom, nice porch, spacious land with lots of fruit bearing trees and it’s situated in a peaceful and not so crowded area. Neighbors are far, that’s what hubby like. In front of the house is a bamboo hut and that’s a bonus. Hubby and I were so excited! We just moved in here December 1st. We love the place and we thank the Lord for all the blessings and provisions.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Glad to be back...

…after over a month of no internet and blogging. The phone cables going to our area were stolen on the last week of October so it’s been a long respite from the computer for me. My eyes had rested and my fingers too but the bad thing is, I missed a lot of blogging opps. I could have earned money for Christmas for me and my loved ones. Hubby and I decided to apply from another internet service provider and we just got it tonight. It’s more pricey but there’s no more phone cables for the thieves to steal and it’s faster. Now I’m back to my blogging business and boy am I glad!.