Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Busy Days

Just been busy these past few days doing chores in the house. Yesterday, Toni and I went to the store to buy some baby stuff for the baby shower of the 2 ladies in our church who will be giving birth soon. The baby shower will be this coming Saturday for Joan and on September 5 for Elizabeth. Another lady, Alicia will be giving birth on January. So there will be three babies to be added in our church soon and that’s a blessing. I’ve been busy cooking today. I cooked banana nut muffins after lunch and then I cooked the veggies from my garden for our supper. Yesterday after I got home from the store, I made some lumpia so I can stock up my freezer with it. I run out of wrappers so I asked my hubby today to buy 3 more packs of lumpia wrappers. I will continue making lumpia later. We were not able to attend midweek service today because hubby’s back is hurting, tired from work. I gonna give him a massage tonight to relieve him of that soreness in his back.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More Veggies

I got to harvest my squash this morning and I’m so happy because they’re big ones. I planted 2 kinds of squash, mexican and filipino squash. The Mexican squash are smaller in size and the filipino squash are bigger. I already cooked some of the Mexican squash and they’re good ones. I gathered a bunch of squash flowers everyday and my ref is already full of it now. I already put in the freezer a bunch of it.

My husband said a couple of weeks ago that all he can see are all squash flowers and he asked me when will I harvest squash. So when he got home today from work and saw the 2 big squash in the counter top, he asked me where did I get those. I told him from my garden. He haven’t seen those squash in the garden because they’ve been covered with the leaves. I will have to chop those squash and put some of it in the freezer because I can’t cook all of them for now. I will save some for the winter when there will be no more veggies in my garden. By the way, I made tomato salsa out of those tomatoes from my garden and it turned out good. My hubby love it. View my veggies here.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend Getaway

Our Sunday School teacher Bro. Hugh & his wife Ms. Mareta invited us to attend the Balloon Festival in Tahlequah, Oklahoma this past weekend, August 17-19. They rented a vacation cottage house in Cookson Hill, OK, about 12 miles from Tahlequah and a 5 hour drive from Wichita Falls.
The house has 3 bedrooms and all the rooms are clean and bright with large windows. The kitchen was furnished with gas range, ref Image_060 and all amenities are included in the house such as linens, towels, washer & dryer, flat iron & board, tv, dishes, cookwares and utensils so we were able to cook our breakfast. Image_041_1 1a_005 Image_067We really like the house, it’s old but updated, clean and well decorated. It’s so peaceful and quiet in that place and there were a lot of trees in that area so it’s cooler there. It’s like a home away from home. We went to the Balloon Festival Friday evening for the balloon glow. It’s my first time to watch a balloon festival and those ballons are really huge and colorful. I took some photos when they had those balloons lighted up and twinkled. Image_034 After the balloon glow, they had a fireworks show to wrap up the day’s event.


The next day, Saturday, we went again at the airport in Tahlequah and watched the jeep rock climbing show. Image_075 The jeeps climbed the pile of rocks and went down a deep hole and then go up and down another deep hole again. Oh my, that’s a scary thing for me, they call it extreme wheelin’. There was also a classic car show. Image_081 Those cars are old models but I bet they are expensive, maybe the price is the same as a brand new car if not more expensive.


While waiting on the balloons to fly, there was a live concert but I didn’t really care about it because I don’t like those kind of music. It’s good that a group of Gospel singers sang next and we sat down and listened to their songs. The balloons flew later than what was scheduled because there was a shower in the afternoon. It’s good they decided to fly anyway but not a lot of them because of the rain.Image_095


Before we headed back home yesterday, we attended the Calvary Baptist Church in Eufaula, the same place where we had the summer camp last June. The preacher preached a good message and we’re really blessed. We had a good time during this weekend getaway and we enjoyed it. We are so grateful to Bro. Hugh and Ms. Mareta for inviting us to the Balloon Festival. George and I

enjoyed it. 1a_008_2

Monday, August 6, 2007

My Natal Day

It was my birthday yesterday and I thank God for another year that He has given me in my life. God is the source of my existence and without Him I am nothing. Every year is such a blessing and I just praise God for all the things that He has done in my life and for all the things that He’s going to do. We were in Cleburne this weekend and we stayed at Robert and Shelly’s house. We spent 2 nights there and it was such a pleasure to be with them.

We went also to visit Stacy and her 2 kids. LA still looks the same but Consuelo has grown and she is a fat baby now at 5 months. She don’t cry now as she used to when she was newly born. I carried her and held her in my arms and she behaved and smiled. I am really fond of babies and I just wished that I have one of my own. George is fond of Consuelo too being his first granddaughter and he put her on his lap and rocked her on the chair. It’s been more than 4 months since the last time we saw all of them. We haven’t seen Sherry though when we went to see her at her work place after church. George got the chance too to assemble a model car with Josh last Friday night. It was a bonding time for the two of them and both of them like to play with cars. I also had the chance to swim or it’s more proper to say soak myself in their swimming pool (since I can’t swim). It made me feel relax and cool on a hot day.

Yesterday after church, Shelly and Robert cooked our lunch. Shelly said it’s in honor of my birthday and she cooked mashed potatoes and beans and Robert cooked beef steak. George bought ice cream and we had a good lunch. Oh, I almost forgot, Robert bought 4 boxes of pizza last Saturday night. Oh my, George and I got full that he went to bed early and both of us had a good night sleep. We are really thankful for the Brownlees for their hospitality and for the good meals. It was such a blessing.