Saturday, September 25, 2010

Visa Renewal

Hubby and I went to the immigration office in San Fernando, L.U. last Monday to renew his visa from probationary to a permanent resident visa because it will expire on the 11th of December. The lady there told us before that 3 months before his visa expires we have to renew it. The filing fee was Php2,620 and when it will be amended, we will pay Php7,000. It didn’t take long to file it because I already filled out the form and attached all the requirements before we went there. The drive was two hours from our house. Hubby did the driving you bet. There were no other customers there except us. We were done before lunch. We were told to call their office after 2 months to follow up.

Then hubby drove to find a place to eat lunch. I suggested to him to go to the restaurant in the beach resort to enjoy the fresh air and nice view. So we drove to Nalinac Beach Resort where hubby and I stayed for a a few days more than 7 years ago. We were disappointed that their restaurant is not serving foods these days. So we went to the nearby resort, the Long Beach Resort and we’re glad they are serving foods and they don’t have many customers. Their restaurant is just by the beach so hubby and I enjoyed the view and the cool breeze. I don’t care if the foods there were pricey because you can’t beat the nice view and the fresh, cool air there. It was so relaxing.

I wanted to take some photos but I was so disappointed that I didn’t bring the memory card of my camera. I left it in my other purse when I had some of the photos developed. So we just used my camera phone but then the photos were not as vivid as that from my Canon digicam. Oh well, at least we had some souvenirs. By the way, hubby and I ordered fish steak (tanguigue) with buttered vegetables and a choice of either fries or rice. Hubby chose fries and I chose rice of course. The meal was good, it cost us 560 pesos, pricey compared to fastfood restaurants. Hubby had iced tea and I had water. We didn’t order dessert because we don’t want to gain any more weight, lol!


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