Thursday, February 1, 2007

My Brother's Wedding

My sister Violy e-mailed me some of these photos taken on my brother Celso’s wedding last January 21st. These were not professionally taken since she just took these with her digicam. They hired a photographer and a video man to cover the wedding. My brother Celso is the last one in the family to get married. My youngest brother Albin got married December 2005. My husband and I both missed their weddings. How we wished we were there. My sister told me over the phone that Celso had a nice wedding, too many people and also a lot of wedding presents. According to my sister, the caterer brought out 600 plates and they were all used up and they have had to wash and also 200 paper plates were also used. They raised more than P20,000 when their friends and relatives pinned money on their clothes when they had their dance. They got as principal sponsors some prominent people in the town. My brother and his bride Vivian both work in our town hall. That’s where they met each other. My brother is a BS Arch graduate and he is very good in drawing building plans, sketching, charcoal and canvass painting. He also make wedding invitations as his sideline. In fact he was the one who made my mine and Albin’s wedding invitations. You guessed it right, he was the one who made their own wedding invitations too. He made it like a professional, I think even better. He sent me one.

We are four in the family and I’m the oldest. My sister Violy is next to me and Celso is the third and Albin is the youngest. The three of us, Violy, me and Albin had the same minister who officiated our wedding except Celso. His bride is a Catholic and Celso is not yet converted to our church that’s why I’ve been praying that he will be born again and accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and so with his wife. He’s been attending our church there but did not yet decide to join. It’s my prayer that God will convict his heart and let Jesus in and be Lord of his life. Don’t get me wrong, my brother is not a bad guy, he is a good man, but Jesus said in the Scriptures, "Except a man be born again he cannot enter the kingdom of God", John 3:3. "For by grace you have been saved thru faith, and not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast." Eph. 2:8-9. Salvation is only through Jesus Christ, not by good works or religion. It’s our relationship with Jesus Christ that matters. Here are some of the photos.







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