Tuesday, January 30, 2007


One of our friends in the church had given us around 20lbs of venison (deer meat) last Saturday. This is the 2nd time that he gave us. He is a hunter and he has a big ranch. He hunts deers, turkeys and hogs. I can say that venison is really delicious when it’s cooked. The taste is almost the same as beef but it is lesser in fats. It’s leaner and almost no fats at all. I cooked it like I cook the beef, steak and stew. Oh yummy, so delicious. I remember, my nutritionist had recommended me to eat venison as often as I can because it’s a lot healthier than the other meat. They are free range animals and they were not given growth hormones or antibiotics which are not good to our health. So when my nutritionist told me about it last year, I ask my husband to go to the grocery and buy me deer meat. He went to almost all the groceries around here but found nothing. When I checked in the internet this website selling venison, I was shocked with the price. It’s way too much so I just settled with natural beef or free range beef, turkey and chicken which I order every 2 months to a lady selling free range meat that she ordered from Fran’s Fryers.

So when this friend of ours in the church told us he is a deer hunter and he offered us some deer meat, I was so glad. He could have given us more but we don’t have a bigger freezer to put it so he said we can just go and get some from him when we eat all the deer meat that he just gave us. It’s only here in the states that I eat this meat, we don’t have it in the Philippines, not where we live. I remember, I first ate venison when we went to visit the Garners in Alvarado last year. They invited us to eat supper with them. I asked what do they have for supper and when I found out they have a venison steak for supper, I got curious. I haven’t the slightest idea how it taste like. I found out that it’s so delicious and Ms. Sue had really cooked it so well. Since that time, I was looking forward to having venison steak again. I just cooked venison steak for our lunch today that I marinated with soy sauce, lemon juice and black pepper overnight. It’s so delicious, my husband and I love it.


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