Friday, June 27, 2008

Sweet Friends

Last Sunday morning, most of the people in our church were asking me how did my citizenship interview go? I told them that it went alright and I have answered all the questions and I passed it. They were all so happy and they congratulated me. I thanked them for all their prayers. If you have read in my previous post, I wrote there that I had requested my church to pray for me and they did. During the evening service last Sunday, Pastor Turner had announced in the church that I passed my citizenship interview and he congratulated me. I really didn’t expect that he will do that and I was elated. Bro. Allen told me to inform him when will be my oath ceremony because he wanted to attend. He said he will not go to work that day because he wanted to cheer for me when I will swear in and say the Oath Of Allegiance. My friend Ann told me that she already asked her mom-in-law to bake a cake for me for that day and decorate it with US flags. It’s so sweet of her.

Well, I’m still waiting for the USCIS to notify me when will be the schedule of my oath ceremony. The past few days I have been gathering information on how to acquire a dual citizenship. This will be the next step that I gonna do after I will get my US citizenship and US passport. I want to retain my Philippine citizenship because hubby and I are planning to go back there in God’s perfect time. I already printed the form in applying for a dual citizenship and when the time comes, I’ll file it to the Philippine Consulate in Houston. I’m glad that they honor dual citizenship in my country.


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