Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Passed My US Citizenship Test and Interview

Hey guys! I went for my citizenship test and interview this morning in Dallas. My interview time was scheduled at 9:55 AM. My hubby and I arrived in Dallas 45 minutes earlier because we spent the night at the house of our friends, Bro. Jesse and Ms. Sue in Alvarado. It was only a 48 minute drive to Dallas. There were many people who were waiting for their turn to be interviewed and tested when we arrived. It took me like forever waiting for my name to be called. Of course I was anxious of what would be the questions that they gonna asked me. But I have studied the reviewer that they gave me when I had my finger prints taken and I memorized all of it. I was confident that I can answer all the questions. By the way, weeks before my interview, I’ve been praying to God that I can pass the test and interview and that I will have a good and kind interviewing officer. I also requested my church to pray for my citizenship interview.

When it’s time for my name to be called, I went in and the interviewing officer looks like Asian. He was smiling to me and he looks so kind. While he was interviewing me, I saw his full name in his certificate hanging on the wall. I told him his name was a popular name in the Philippines. It was a name of one of our past presidents. He smiled and he said, maybe that’s his grandpa. Then he told me that he was born in the Philippines and he is a Filipino. A coincidence? No, I believe it’s an answer to my prayer that God will give me a good and kind interviewing officer. Then it’s time for the test and he asked me questions and I answered all of them correctly and quickly. After the 6th question, he stopped. Then he tested me to read and write. After that he told me, I passed the test. But he asked me to submit a police clearance through mail because my fingerprints was not processed. Remember I blogged here a few weeks ago that I had my fingerprints taken twice because the computer can’t read my fingerprints and still they weren’t able to process it the 2nd time. They said my fingerprints are worn out or better to say they’re not easy to see. So after I will send them the police clearance, then they will notify me when will be my oath ceremony.

So that’s it guys. I’m finally done with my citizenship interview and test and I passed it with flying colors. The test and interview lasted for twenty three minutes. Thank you Lord!!!


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