Sunday, April 25, 2010

Busy With Our Ministry

I’ve been busy preparing gospel tracts that we gonna give out to people when we go out soul-winning on Saturday. I spent the whole day cutting, folding and stapling it. We reproduce our gospel tracts by having it xeroxed. We save money that way. I pray that people would be moved and convicted once they will read the gospel tracts that we will give out. It is titled “Ito Ang Naging Buhay Mo.”

By the way, the kids that I taught at DVBS are now attending Sunday school. I am still their teacher and I enjoy being with the kids and teaching them songs, telling them Bible stories, giving them coloring pages and asking them to memorize Bible verses. Tomorrow, hubby and I will be buying more stuffs needed for my Sunday school class like crayons, notebooks and ball pens. We already bought a white board last time.


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