Thursday, April 1, 2010

Film Showing

We had a film showing of the movie “Jesus” according to the book of Luke the other day. We had shown the same movie last year during the Holy Week in our carport and we invited our neighbors to come and see the movie. We got a good response and lots of people came. They even thanked us for showing the movie because it reminds them to get things straight with God. Then on Good Friday Friday last year, we had shown the same movie in my kinfolks village and lots and lots of people came to watch the movie. At that time we haven’t bought a projector screen yet so just used a plyboard painted white.

We already have a portable projector screen now and that’s what we used last Thursday during our film showing. There were more kids than adults who came to watch the Jesus film. At the middle of the movie something happened. The movie kept stopping, a result of scratches of the DVD. We just burned that copy of the movie and because it’s been shown many times, there were already scratches so we decided to change the movie and showed The Rich Fool instead. Both movies were dubbed in our native language so the people understood it better. Film showing is also our ministry and it’s one way to reach out the lost and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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