Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trip Postponed

Hubby and I decided to postpone our trip to Texas next month. I know it’s been set six months ago and hubby’s kids are already expecting us to go there in September but then we just can’t leave our ministry here. Our ministry is growing and we need to stay here for a while and do the work of the Lord before going on furlough. Nobody will take the place of George to preach on Sundays and also my Sunday school kids need me. I need to train somebody to take my place in teaching the kids. Also my sister needs me here. She has some health issues for the past few months already and I just can’t leave her like that. The work of the Lord comes first.

We plan to go to TX next year and visit our family there and also raise some funds for our ministry. We would like to buy a land and construct a church building. I know our plan looks big but I believe the Lord will bless it because it’s for His kingdom. Our church attendance is increasing and the place where we hold our worship service is getting crowded. It’s just a small bungalow house with a small living room own by one of my uncles. The other Sunday we had a full house. Some were even standing outside. We’ve been visiting and inviting people to come on Sundays and join us. We’ve been passing out tracts too. We hope and pray that our vision of having more people come to church and having our own building will materialize.


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