Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Welcome 2007

My hubby and I just celebrated New Year quietly at home. When the clock hit 12:00 midnight we’re still awake. We were watching the New Year’s celebration at Times Square on TV. People there were really happy and excited in welcoming 2007. I said a silent prayer to God and thanked Him for all that He has done to us the past year and I asked Him to take care of us this year like what He did the previous years. I entrusted Him my life and my future and so does my hubby. We both love God and we put Him above everything else.

We didn’t go anywhere on New Year’s day, just stayed in the house and just being together makes us happy. We watched movies and my hubby had watched again his favorite movie, Baby’s Day Out. This movie is really one of his favorites and even though he watched this many times before, he still laugh out loud whenever he watch this movie. I lost count of how many times he watched this movie but this one really amused him. It’s a cute comedy movie. Of course John Wayne’s movies are still in his top list and he has a lot of collections of his movies. He watched it everytime he gets the chance. He watched 4 different movies yesterday and that’s what kept him busy the whole day. I don’t watch that much movies though. I had to do other things and also cook our food to sustain us for the day in addition to the pancit and fruit salad that I prepared on New Year’s eve. After that I just rested and relaxed and spent quality time with the love of my life.


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