Monday, January 1, 2007

A Blessed Year

Thank God for another year. God has been so good to us with his countless blessings and provisions this past year. I can’t thank Him enough for all that He has done in my life. This past year, I became closer to Him and my daily walk with Him is a sweet adventure. I’m almost done reading my entire Bible and as I read His Word, my faith in God went deeper. He is my Healer, my Provider, my Comforter, my Father and most of all He is my Lord and Savior and my coming King.

Yesterday morning I had the chance to talk to my family in the Philippines. They were preparing foods for the New Year’s eve when I called. That’s one thing I missed there. When I was there we really celebrate New Year with a bang with the entire family and with lots of foods and also karaoke or videoke singing. Everybody are awake and waiting for the clock to hit 12:00 midnight. Then my brothers will light the fireworks and firecrackers and a lot of people really made noise in the streets. After that we then eat the foods we prepared and then we aIso share to our neighbors some foods and they do the same to us. It’s a nice way to welcome the New Year there and I really miss it especially my family. I talked first to my nephew Kenneth Rey (Ken-Ken). How time flies. He turned 9 years old this past year and then I talked to my sister and my brother-in-law. They just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary last Dec. 28 and of course they invited their friends, neighbors and co-workers to celebrate with them. They prepared lots of foods and I really wished my hubby and I were there too to share their happiness and joy. Their youngest son Mark Wendell (fondly called Mak-Mak) will turn 7 this year. Then I talked to my brother Celso and he is getting married on the 21st of this month. I congratulated him and I told him it’s about time. He is the last one in the family to get married. He said he had a hard time convincing her GF to get married because she wanted to go and work abroad first but her parents won’t let her. It’s a good thing that they finally agreed to tie the knot and be husband and wife for life. I promised my brother we will be sending our gift before their wedding.

Yesterday afternoon we had a songfest and preachfest in the church and I enjoyed listening to all the songs and preaching rendered by all the participants. We do this every 5th Sunday of the month and after the program, we had foods prepared in the dining hall. We really enjoyed the fellowship and it’s a good way to end the year 2006.

Jesus Christ did not yet come this past year maybe to give chance to those who are not yet ready for His coming. We don’t know the hour when He comes but one thing is sure, He will come to get His children who are saved to be with Him in Heaven forever. He came before as a Savior but when He comes again he will come as a Judge. So are you ready for heaven in 2007?


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