Sunday, March 11, 2007

Busy Weekend

My friend Sofia and I had a garage sale last Friday and Saturday at her house. I decided to sell some of the stuff that we were not using anymore rather than just sitting there and just crowding the house. George had already donated a lot of clothes and stuff in the salvation army a month ago but I retained the other stuff for garage sale. As I woke up in the morning, I prayed to God that we can sell a lot. Sofia told me that she also prayed. This was my first time to have a garage sale and it was fun. A lot of people came to buy. My friend sold some of her furniture, her kids’ toys, clothes, displays, knick knacks, and a lot of stuff. They just moved here from Japan and she wanted to clean her garage so she sold all the stuff she doesn’t need no more. I sold the deep fryer, electric grill, frying pans, water dispenser, shoes, etc. We sold a lot but there are still some leftovers. Maybe we will sell it again next time. I made some money just sitting there for 2 days and I had fun. The following photos were taken at the end of the 1st day.



On the 2nd day of our garage sale, that was yesterday, I asked George to cook lunch and bring it at the Pattersons’ house so we can have our lunch. He obliged and brought us his home-cooked foods (pinto beans, corn bread and mashed potatoes) but before he came, he stopped by at Brauhm’s and bought our favorite butter pecan ice cream. Sofia cooked pancit. So we had a happy meal. We were invited again to eat supper at the Pattersons’ house after the garage sale and Sofia baked salmon with crab legs imitation and it was really good. We still had the leftover foods that George and Sofia cooked so we ate it again together with the baked salmon and we had the butter pecan ice cream for dessert. George and I had a good time last night with the Pattersons. James and Sofia’s kids namely Joshua and Heather are very good and well-disciplined kids and they are all active in the church activities. They’re good Christian family who love the Lord and we go to the same church, the Victory Baptist Church. The good Lord has blessed us with good friends.





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