Monday, March 19, 2007

Trip To San Antonio

My hubby and I just got back yesterday from a week vacation. We went to Alvarado last Monday and we headed to San Antonio together with our friends, Bro. Jesse & Ms. Sue Garner last Friday and spent the night there. It was my first time to go to San Antonio, the second largest city in Texas, next to Houston. We’ve been planning to go there last fall but we decided to postponed it this month because George got a week vacation with pay. There were lots of people there because it was spring break. The weather was great, it was in the 60’s and 70’s. This city is a tourist spot and we had to pay just to park the car and then took a walk and go around the tourist attractions. The parking fee near the Alamo is from $10 to $12 so we had to look for a cheaper parking area and we found one that charged only $5 but it’s a little bit farther.

We went first to see The Alamo and the line was too long just to go look inside. We can’t wait that long so we just took photos infront of the building and also at the back there’s a nice garden with flowers blooming. Then we went to eat in a steak house and after eating we went to see the Riverwalk. The view there is really spectacular and we rode the boat. We had a great time looking around at those tall and great architectural designs of the buildings around the Riverwalk. The boat’s driver is the tour guide and gave us all the informations about those buildings. After the ride we took some photos and went back to our hotel. Then at night we went back to The Alamo and The Riverwalk again and to our surprise, there were more people in The Riverwalk at night. That place was so crowded and all the restaurants by the Riverwalk were all jampacked. We ended up eating in a Mexican restaurant by the Riverwalk and foods there cost more.

The next day we drove around downtown San Antonio and we went to see the Hemisfair Park and the Historical Parks. Tower of the Americas is under renovation. Then we went to the Market Square and had a great time looking around those Mexican stuff on display in the stores. Mostly, they sell items from Mexico. That place reminded me of the market place in Baguio City and downtown San Antonio reminds me of Intramuros, Manila. I’ve seen tourists riding carriages pulled by horses and go around downtown during daytime and night time. San Antonio has its scenic beauty, no wonder a lot of people go there. I really enjoyed this trip and we had a good time. Here are some of the photos.








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