Friday, April 6, 2007

New Addition

There’s a new addition in the Lowrey clan. Stacy gave birth on her 2nd baby on March 2 with a bouncing baby girl. They named the baby Consuelo Renee. She is cute and chubby baby. Consuelo is our 1st granddaughter and George is so much delighted. Imagine he has 5 grandsons already and finally here comes a granddaughter. Consuelo is growing so fast. I talked to Stacy on the phone yesterday and she told me that her baby has gained 2 lbs. already since the last time I saw her which was 3 weeks ago. Oh my, that baby really drinks a lot of milk. When we were there in Alvarado, she cried like every hour and each time she cries, she wants milk. I told Stacy and Manuel that Consuelo is like a piglet, LOL! Stacy said that she was planning to just give her baby water instead of milk and just limit her milk intake because infant formula is expensive but I don’t know if she really did that. Stacy also told me that her son L.A. got jealous when his baby sister was born. I think that’s just normal to every firstborn child that when they have a sibling, they don’t get the 100% attention of the parents anymore so they get jealous. That happened to my nephew Ken-Ken. When my sister gave birth to her 2nd son Mak-Mak, Ken-Ken got jealous. The attention of the parents suddenly shifted to the newborn baby but still they love their firstborn child. I took some photos of Consuelo when we went to visit them in Alvarado last spring break. Here they are:






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