Sunday, June 17, 2007

Celebrating Father's Day

To all fathers, Happy Father’s Day! I just wish my father is still alive so I can say these words to him. I do miss him and also my mother but they went to be with the Lord already. My hubby and I was surprised when his oldest daughter, Shelly called yesterday and told him that she and her family will be coming to spend this day with us. They arrived this morning and they went with us in the church. All the fathers were asked by the preacher (Bro. Jesse) to go infront and they rendered a song. Then Bro. Jesse preached a good message entitled "Heavenly Father’s Day". He said that we should surrender our soul, our life and our will to our Heavenly Father.

After the service, Robert treated us to Cheddar’s. That restaurant is really busy, a lot of people were there. I think the main reason is they have good food and also their price is reasonable. We enjoyed the meal and my hubby and I was so delighted because we celebrated this day with Robert, Shelly and Josh. After we ate we took them to the park and had sight-seeing and took some pictures. We had a good time. After that, they headed back to Cleburne. Why is it that the day goes by so fast when you’re having a good time? Anyways, here are some of our photos taken today.










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