Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer Camp

Last Thursday, I had the chance to go to the summer camp for the kids and teenagers in the church at Royal C Ranch in Eufaula, Oklahoma. Erica invited me to go with them so even just for 2 days I took the opportunity to go cause I’ve never been to a camp before. Bro. Jesse, Ms. Carroll, Erica and I left Wichita Falls at 6:00 AM and it was a four hourdrive to Royal C Ranch. When we were already in Oklahoma, it started to rain but I thank God because there was no rain when we got to Eufaula. The kids and teens were already having fun playing games when we got there. I was glad to see my friend Sofia and also the kids. At first I was just watching them but then I got curious so I tried the rifle range but unluckily, I missed my target many times. Then we went to the archery competition and I also tried it but since it was my first time to do it, I missed the target just the same. It seems easy while watching others doing it but in actual, it’s not especially for first timer like me. There were many activities there like singing, games, preaching and also eating. The preaching was good, it really blessed me. There was also a preaching competition for the boys and it really amazed me to hear those young boys preaching the Word of God. Many kids got saved and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. There were also young boys who made a decision to surrender their life to preach and others to be missionaries. As young as they are, they have decided to serve God and that’s the best decision they have ever made.

I believe that most of the kids who went there were not the same when they went back home because the Lord has changed their lives. It was a five day camp for them and others don’t even want to go home yet. It feels so relax to be away from all the busyness of life and just stay there in the camp, seeing nature, the animals, and most especially listening to the songs, and preaching. I decided to ride the bus with the kids going back home. This evening service, Bro. Jesse asked some of us who went to the camp to give a testimony in front of the church. At first I was hesitant to go and speak infront of the congregation but Bro. Jesse kept asking me so I decided to say yes. With God’s help I overcame my shyness and just went infront and gave my testimony about my experience in the camp. Actually there were three of us Filipinas who attended the camp, me, Liza and Sofia but they went there ahead of me. They also gave their testimonies and so did the other adults and also the kids. If I’m not mistaken there were about 45 people from our church who went to camp. God’s willing, my husband and I plan to attend next year’s summer camp. Here are some of our photos. The rest are in my photo album here on the left side.







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