Monday, June 4, 2007

My Plants

We have lots of rain this spring and it made me glad because it’s beneficial to my plants. My flowers are blooming and my veggies are so green now. I have few tomatoes now but not yet ripe and 2 eggplants and my cantaloupes have flowers but no fruits yet. I still have a lot of seedlings that I need to transplant like cucumbers, radish, lettuce and carrots. I’m just waiting for my hubby to dig the soil so I can plant them. This is the first time that I try to plant these veggies and I’m keeping my fingers cross that they will grow and do good. Our four pecan trees at the backyard are now having pecans unlike last year when it was so hot that it did not make any pecans at all. I hope this year, we will gather a lot of pecans so I will make more banana pecan bread or muffins. See the photos of my plants below.






Click here for more photos of my plants.


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