Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cooking Time

I was busy this morning hand-washing some of my clothes and I had no time to cook. George got hungry so he cooked our lunch. He likes to experiment in cooking and he cooked potato stew (my first time to eat this) and macaroni with cream of chicken. I was surprised his recipes turned out good. Hmm… yummy. This afternoon, I cooked pinto beans and George baked Mexican corn bread. While I was cooking the pinto beans I checked my e-mail and my friendster page. I forgot all about the beans and it’s good George was there or else my beans could have been burned. I did that a few times before, shhh… As I get older, my forgetter is getter better, LOL! Anyways, the mexican corn bread of George was the best corn bread that he has ever made. It really taste so good! And yes, my beans was superb too. George said I cooked good pinto beans. We’re a good cooking team. Hurray!!!


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