Monday, July 30, 2007

Songfest and Preachfest

We had a songfest and preachfest yesterday in our church. We do it every 5th Sunday of the month. We listened to songs rendered by the participants and messages delivered by the preachers. There were 5 preachers who participated and that includes my hubby George. He was the 3rd one who preached. All the songs and preaching were such a blessing and I really felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in our church yesterday. For the last 2 months, our church faced a crisis since Bro. Bill retired as our pastor. We’ve been praying for God’s will to send us a pastor that He wants us to have. God has answered our prayers and He sent us a new pastor in the person of Bro. Jim Turner. He is a good preacher and his messages greatly blesses me. He and his wife Ms. Marsha officially joined our church yesterday and we’re thankful to God for that. We are looking forward to serving God with him for many years to come.


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