Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I just found out yesterday when I checked their website that USCIS had raised the application fee for US citizenship. Would you believe that they raised it from $300 dollars to $675. That’s more than a 100% increased! Oh my! No wonder there’s a bunch of illegal aliens here, they can hardly afford the fee. How much more now? CIS will really make a lot of money just for those fees alone and it takes them a long time to process the papers too. I am planning to file for my citizenship next month but the fee really make me sick. Can hardly afford it.

Since I began filing my papers to become a lawful permanent resident in this country, it already cost us a lot of money. This is the prize to acquire a US citizenship, money! It’s all about the money! I got disgusted in my own country about the graft and corruption in the government and now I’m disgusted with the way they do it here too. Wala na bang matinong gobyerno sa mundo? My only consolation now is I know that I’m just passing through in this world. My citizenship is in heaven. My name was written in the Book of Life the day I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Praise God for that!


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