Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Busy Days

Just been busy these past few days doing chores in the house. Yesterday, Toni and I went to the store to buy some baby stuff for the baby shower of the 2 ladies in our church who will be giving birth soon. The baby shower will be this coming Saturday for Joan and on September 5 for Elizabeth. Another lady, Alicia will be giving birth on January. So there will be three babies to be added in our church soon and that’s a blessing. I’ve been busy cooking today. I cooked banana nut muffins after lunch and then I cooked the veggies from my garden for our supper. Yesterday after I got home from the store, I made some lumpia so I can stock up my freezer with it. I run out of wrappers so I asked my hubby today to buy 3 more packs of lumpia wrappers. I will continue making lumpia later. We were not able to attend midweek service today because hubby’s back is hurting, tired from work. I gonna give him a massage tonight to relieve him of that soreness in his back.


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