Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More Veggies

I got to harvest my squash this morning and I’m so happy because they’re big ones. I planted 2 kinds of squash, mexican and filipino squash. The Mexican squash are smaller in size and the filipino squash are bigger. I already cooked some of the Mexican squash and they’re good ones. I gathered a bunch of squash flowers everyday and my ref is already full of it now. I already put in the freezer a bunch of it.

My husband said a couple of weeks ago that all he can see are all squash flowers and he asked me when will I harvest squash. So when he got home today from work and saw the 2 big squash in the counter top, he asked me where did I get those. I told him from my garden. He haven’t seen those squash in the garden because they’ve been covered with the leaves. I will have to chop those squash and put some of it in the freezer because I can’t cook all of them for now. I will save some for the winter when there will be no more veggies in my garden. By the way, I made tomato salsa out of those tomatoes from my garden and it turned out good. My hubby love it. View my veggies here.


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