Monday, August 6, 2007

My Natal Day

It was my birthday yesterday and I thank God for another year that He has given me in my life. God is the source of my existence and without Him I am nothing. Every year is such a blessing and I just praise God for all the things that He has done in my life and for all the things that He’s going to do. We were in Cleburne this weekend and we stayed at Robert and Shelly’s house. We spent 2 nights there and it was such a pleasure to be with them.

We went also to visit Stacy and her 2 kids. LA still looks the same but Consuelo has grown and she is a fat baby now at 5 months. She don’t cry now as she used to when she was newly born. I carried her and held her in my arms and she behaved and smiled. I am really fond of babies and I just wished that I have one of my own. George is fond of Consuelo too being his first granddaughter and he put her on his lap and rocked her on the chair. It’s been more than 4 months since the last time we saw all of them. We haven’t seen Sherry though when we went to see her at her work place after church. George got the chance too to assemble a model car with Josh last Friday night. It was a bonding time for the two of them and both of them like to play with cars. I also had the chance to swim or it’s more proper to say soak myself in their swimming pool (since I can’t swim). It made me feel relax and cool on a hot day.

Yesterday after church, Shelly and Robert cooked our lunch. Shelly said it’s in honor of my birthday and she cooked mashed potatoes and beans and Robert cooked beef steak. George bought ice cream and we had a good lunch. Oh, I almost forgot, Robert bought 4 boxes of pizza last Saturday night. Oh my, George and I got full that he went to bed early and both of us had a good night sleep. We are really thankful for the Brownlees for their hospitality and for the good meals. It was such a blessing.








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