Monday, May 12, 2008

Get Together Party on Mother’s Day

It was Mother’s Day yesterday and we had a get together party here in our house. My friend Ging-Ging and her hubby Craig of Maryland came by here together with their friends Josephine and Jeffrey and there daughter. Ging and Craig drove all the way from San Antonio to Dallas to our place in Wichita Falls. It’s a long drive back and forth. Ann and I cooked the foods. Ann cooked pork and chicken adobo and sinigang na bangus and I cooked pancit, lumpia, meatloaf and pecan pie. My hubby made banana pudding. We invited our friends Arlene and Raul and they brought fruit salad, ripe mangoes, native cake and they also gave me some groceries. What a blessing! James and Sofia were still in the house and we really had a blast. We had a good time being with them and my hubby and I were so glad to meet them all. This is the second time that I met Ging and Craig and it’s my first time to meet Josie and Jeffrey and their daughter. They are very nice couple and I really like them. Their daughter is a cutie. It’s my hubby’s first time to meet the 2 said couples and he was really impress with them. He said he had a good talk to Craig and Jeffrey and he really likes them. We really had a blast yesterday and it’s been a good celebration of Mother’s Day with all the Filipino foods that we had. We’re looking forward to have Ging and Craig here again in a couple of months with Jeffrey and Josie and of course Ann and Jeff. Here are some photos that we took. I’ll post more in my friendster profile.




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