Thursday, May 8, 2008

Reunion Party

My hubby and I attended the reunion party of his kinfolks in Burleson yesterday. We were not supposed to go because we were low on money for the gas but on Friday night, we decided to go. I told my hubby that’s it’s his opportunity to see his siblings and kinfolks that he haven’t seen in a long time. Maybe this is the only chance we can go because we might be in the Philippines next year already. So we drove there and the party started at 11:00 AM but the eating time started at past 1:00 PM. A lot of people attended the reunion and my hubby’s siblings were there except Glen and Junie. It was my first time to meet Janet, hubby’s youngest sister. Sherry was there too with Jason. I almost didn’t recognized George’s aunt June because she have a short hair cut now. Well, there were lots of foods and the weather was great. It was cool and windy and the cool breeze made me sleepy after we ate. Hubby and I had a good time and we drove back home after the party.


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