Thursday, May 29, 2008

Had My Eyes Checked

Last Saturday, my hubby took me to the optometrist to have my eyes checked. I think my eyes were strained because of too much exposure in the computer. My vision is getting blurry now especially when I read my Bible. I have 2 eyeglasses which I brought here from the Philippines but they need to be upgraded. They’re not that clear no more. The optometrist was so fast in checking up my vision. He kept changing the glasses so quick that I didn’t even have enough time to see it clearly. It turned out that my left eye is blurry than my right eye. He prescribed a bifocal glasses for me.

I went to Eye Mart to buy my eyeglasses and they have a sale for $108 for 2 eyeglasses with plastic frames. I asked them if they can just replace the lenses of my old eyeglasses from the Philippines s so I can save money for the frame but they said they can’t replace it because they’re not the ones who made the frames. What an excuse! In the Philippines, any optometrist can replace the old lenses even they’re not the ones who made the frames. But here, they can’t? They just want to sell frames and make more money, huh!. So my eyeglasses were finished today and I got it this afternoon. When I tried it, I got a little dizzy. The lady told me that it would be for a while till my eyes will get used to it. I don’t know if I can wear this eyeglasses everyday. My eyes are not really used to wearing it. Maybe I will just have to lessen my time in the computer. This caused the strain in my eyes. But right now, I’m using it. See below my photos using my 2 new eyeglasses and my 2 old eyeglasses respectively.






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