Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Banquet

Last Sunday, we had our Christmas banquet after our church service. The kids in my Sunday School especially the girls were dressed up for the first time. I told them that we will have a picture taking during that day. They girls were pretty and some were wearing their sandals. I could tell they were so excited. The boys sang special song during the worship service followed by the girls. Then we listened to the message given by Pastor George. It’s all about Christmas of course. After the service we had our lunch inside the church. The tables and chairs were arranged to accommodate the pots of rice and different foods. I cooked chicken adobo and white beans. One of my uncles cooked pinakbet as I requested. It was so good. There was ginataang gabi, monggo, ginisang upo, lumpia, dinengdeng, etc. The kids were served first and then the adults. They like my chicken adobo. It was all gone. I was so full that day. I gained weight this holiday season. I hope to lose it soon.

We had parlor games after lunch. But before that, I asked the kids to recite all the verses that I asked them to memorize since we started Sunday School. There were three who were able to memorize but the first prize went to the 7 year old girl named Melissa. She has s fantastic memory. I gave the 2nd prize to a 9 year old girl and the 3rd prize went to an 11 year old boy. Then we started the parlor games. The kids and the adults participated. I gave out prizes to the winners and I distributed chocolates and candies to all. The kids and adults had a blast that day. We went home exhausted but I enjoyed it.


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