Thursday, December 16, 2010

Practice Today

The girls in my Sunday school had their practice today for their song number on Sunday. They will sing the Christmas song “Joy To The World.” I thought all of them know this song but to my surprise they don’t know it. I asked them what Christmas songs they know or what Christmas songs they learned from their school teacher and they said none. I was dismayed to hear that nowadays, public school teachers don’t teach their pupils some Christmas songs unlike during my grade school years. My teachers taught us Christmas songs during this season. The kids don’t even know the tune of “Joy To The World” so I have to teach them, sigh! I thought this is a very popular song that even young kids can sing but I was mistaken. Maybe the kids in that village where our church is have no radio or don’t watch tv very often. Maybe they don’t have CDs to listen to. Whatever. Tomorrow It’s the boys turn to practice their song and I hope they are better.


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