Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Place To Stay

For almost two years since we arrived here in my homeland, hubby and I were staying in our family home with my brother, his wife and their 2 year old baby. My siblings and I were born and raised in that house and it’s my sister and I who spent for the renovation when we were still single and working. My aunt was still alive when we arrived January last year but she passed away last February. My aunt was the only sibling of my late mom so she inherited the house from their parents. Since she has no kids the house is automatically passed on to me and my siblings. My late sister and her family has a house and also my youngest brother and family. My other brother and I have no house of our own so we stayed in our family home. Hubby had been wanting to rent a house but I objected because why rent if we have a house to stay for free. Besides, I missed my siblings, nephews and nieces especially my aunt so I wanted to be with them and have bonding. I also wanted to help my brother because he was unemployed that time. So hubby and I spent money for the expansion of our bedroom and put a built-in cabinet for our clothes.

After my sister Violy passed away last September, I’ve been so lonely and every time I go to their house which is just next door, I can’t help myself but cry. Their house brings back a lot of memories of my sister and I just sobbed and sobbed alone inside their house while sitting at the couch where she used to sleep when she was sick. Hubby had seen me many times crying and he told me that it would be better to move out and find a house to rent so I will not be missing my sister but I said no until last month that my brother and I had a misunderstanding and it made me cry because I was hurt deeply. I then realized that it’s not good to stay in a house with two families. I told hubby that we will find a house for rent and move out of the house. I know it’s just normal for siblings to have some petty quarrels and misunderstandings but I had sleepless nights and my chest was heavy. My brother apologized and said sorry but I didn’t forgive him right away because I was hurt. Hubby told me to forgive him and not delay. So I talked to my brother and forgave him.

After a couple of weeks, the Lord has blessed us and we found a nice house to rent just a 5 minute drive from our family home. It’s a 2 bedroom bungalow house, 1 1/2 bathroom, nice porch, spacious land with lots of fruit bearing trees and it’s situated in a peaceful and not so crowded area. Neighbors are far, that’s what hubby like. In front of the house is a bamboo hut and that’s a bonus. Hubby and I were so excited! We just moved in here December 1st. We love the place and we thank the Lord for all the blessings and provisions.


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