Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Trip To Dallas

nThe day after Christmas my hubby and I went to the Immigration office in Dallas with Robert, Shelly and Josh to take care of my papers to lift the conditional status of my permanent residency here in the US. Robert drove for us. Imagine, I filed the form last May 22 and it got approved Dec 5. They’re too slow in processing papers. It says in the letter that I have to appear in there office to present my passport and submit 3 photos. It was not stated that I have to make an appointment before going there so we decided to go after Christmas since it’s a shorter trip going to Dallas from Alvarado rather than coming from Wichita Falls. There were quite a few people in the line when we got there.

When it was my turn the lady in the window asked me if I got an appointment and I told her no because it did not say in the letter to make an appointment before going there. She said I have to make an appointment in the Infopass thru the internet and they’ve been doing that for 3 years now. I know that they have this Infopass to make an appointment but since it did not say in the letter I decided not to. I already felt disappointed at that time, then she asked me where I came from and I told her from Wichita Falls. She asked how far is it and my husband answered maybe about 200 miles. She then wanted to see an ID as a proof of our address so my hubby showed her his driver’s license. So she let us in because we came from a far place. Oh man! I was glad that she finally let me in. All the rest in the line had to come back.

Just after I got in, my number was called so I went to the window. The lady only asked me 2 photos but in the letter it said 3 photos. That’s a waste of money for the photos since Walgreens do it by 2’s or by 4’s so we paid for 4 photos. Then after everything is done, they got my signature, fingerprints and my old greencard and marked my passport the lady in the window told me that they will mail my greencard good for 10 years within 3 to 6 months. Isn’t that too long to wait and to think that everything here is computerized? They’re slow as turtles. The good thing is I still can travel outside the US because they marked my passport but I don’t intend to unless I get my new greencard. After everything is done Robert drove us back but we stopped for lunch in a fastfood restaurant in Euless and Robert paid our lunch. Robert by the way is Shelly’s husband and he makes good and delicious beef jerky and I really like it.



I was really glad that everything went on smoothly and our trip to Dallas didn’t go to nothing. I thank God for that because the night before, I prayed that we will accomplish our purpose in going there and that everything will go smoothly. To God be the glory…


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