Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lunch at Golden Corral

It was wet and cold yesterday and today. But that doesn’t prevent me and my hubby to go to church and worship the Lord. We had a good service today as usual. Our pastor has been a real blessing and he always preach good messages. We love listening to him preach the Word of God. After our church service, hubby and I had been so hungry and we decided to dine at Golden Corral. I always like the foods there and their foods are not greasy unlike the foods in Chinese buffet restaurants.

I remember that Golden Corral was the first restaurant where I ate when I just got here in the US. We were traveling to Iowa that time and we stopped by at Golden Corral in Kansas to eat lunch. Hubby and I had tried almost all the buffet restaurants here in Wichita Falls but still Golden Corral is the one I like best. I like their meatloaf, their chicken fried steak, veggies and especially their corn in the cob. While we were in the restaurant, I filled in 2 plates with foods because I don’t want to stand up again after I ate my first plate. Hubby was surprised and asked me if I can eat all the foods that I got. He knows that I don’t eat that much. I told him I’m too hungry and maybe I can eat it all. It took me a while to finish my food and both hubby and I were so full that there’s no more room for desserts. We had a good lunch today. The foods were so delicious and yummy, yummy. Here are some photos of hubby and me while eating. Take a look of how we enjoyed our food.






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