Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Hubby's Birthday

It’s my hubby’s birthday today. We just celebrated it simply at home. He got a lot of phone calls today greeting him a happy birthday. I wanted to cook pancit, lumpia and all those good stuff but since hubby is on a diet, I decided not to. He just cooked beef roast and I cooked beans and prepared veggie salad. I also cooked burger patties and scambled eggs for him this morning. He’s on a low carb diet so no starchy foods for him and no sweets too. He’ll do that for 35 days. He did it last year and he lost a lot of weight. After the diet he gained it back again gradually that’s why he need to go on a diet again. He gave up his coffee and tea while on his diet, also his bread and crackers. He eats more veggie salad, lean meat and beans. I want him to have a healthier body and also more birthdays to come. I love him dearly and I thank God for giving him to me.


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