Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Day Celebration

I had such a busy day yesterday cooking foods for Thanksgiving. We had guests who came, Pastor Yanie and his wife Sis. Modie. They are missionaries in the Philippines. They came here in the house Wednesday afternoon and they spent two nights with us. On Thanksgiving Day, hubby roasted the turkey. He put some herbs and vegetables inside and then he tied up the poor turkey which he put it in the roast pan and put it inside the oven. It took 3 hours before the turkey was cooked. Meanwhile, Sis Modie fried the milkfish which I had marinated while I cooked pinakbet. I also prepared fruit salad the day before. My hubby cooked turkey stuffing and then he cooked the gravy for the turkey. Oh my, we had such a great lunch. We enjoyed the fried bangus, pinakbet and the turkey.

We were so full afterwards. During supper we had invited our Pastor Jim and his wife Ms. Marsha. Sis Modie and I were again busy cooking for supper. We made 2 pumpkin pies but we had to make the pie crusts from scratch. I prepared the mixture for the dough and Sis Modie kneaded it. It was our first time to make pie crusts and I think it turned out good though it was a little bit thick. Then Sis Modie fried the lumpia while I cooked the pancit. Then Pastor Jim and Ms. Marsha arrived just when the pancit was about to be cooked. We still had the turkey and we served it again during supper. Hubby prepared mashed potatoes. We really had a wonderful time fellowshipping with our brothers and sisters in Christ. It was such a great privilege and honor to have 2 pastors and their wives celebrate Thanksgiving with us.





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