Monday, March 24, 2008

At Burger King

A week ago, hubby and I had breakfast in one of my fave fastfood restaurants, Burger King in Cleburne. I love the foods at Burger King and I have tasted almost all of their foods because I used to work at Burger King in Sheppard Airforce Base. Hubby and I ordered breakfast meals. I don’t usually drink coffee but their coffee here taste so good. I drink the decaff. I can’t resist it and I drank it for my breakfast and I ate egg and sausage biscuit. My hubby ordered egg and sausage croissant. After we eat our orders, we still wanted more so I ordered another 2 sausage sandwich for me and hubby. We got satisfied after that and we headed to Stacy’s house in Alvarado full and satisfied.





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