Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just Got Back

Just got back yesterday folks. We went out of town for 4 days to visit hubby’s kids and grandkids. They are all doing okay. Consuelo is getting bigger and heavier. I can hardly carry her now. Lorenzo is getting so hyper and he keeps moving around. He love to say "no". We spent 2 nights at the Brownlee’s house in Cleburne and 2 nights at Stacy’s house in Alvarado. We finally met Sherry’s BF (Jason) last Monday night. He seem to be a nice guy. He came over to meet us and he brought ice cream. Lorenzo likes the ice cream and he kept on saying "I like it." He was like a broken record.

I had my finger prints taken for my citizenship application last Tuesday in Fort Worth. They gave me a reviewer to review for the interview. I will just wait for the schedule of my citizenship interview. I hope it won’t be that long.

Here are some photos taken at Stacy’s house in Alvarado.






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