Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Beloved Aunt

My siblings and I call her auntie Aning. She’s the only sister of my late mom and she’s our second mom. She took care of us when our mom passed away. She cooked for us, buy groceries, do the dishes and give us motherly love. She did not marry and she devoted her life taking care of our grandma and us. When we were studying in college and we needed money for our tuition fees, she went to our neighbors and borrowed money so we can take the exams. When I was sick and fighting the big C, she was my prayer warrior. She went with me in my therapies. When I got married and my hubby was there in our house in the Philippines, she cooked for us our favorite foods. She always cooked for my hubby adobong pusit when she learned that George like it. Whatever my hubby loves to eat, she cooked it very often. I really miss her cooking when I was already here in the US.

Four and a half years had passed since I’ve been here and my auntie Aning is now forgetful. She can hardly remember my name now. I cried when I learned about it and I told it to my hubby. She’s 76 years old but she’s still strong. Only, senility sets in with her. She can’t remember my hubby’s name too. Also, they don’t let her cook now because she burns the rice whenever she cooks. She forget that she’s cooking. I talked to her and we saw each other in the webcam a few days ago. I really miss her so much. She always asked me everytime I talked to her when am I going back there. She also miss me. Oh, I pray to God to make our plans come true so we can go back there soon and see my aunt and my siblings. I always tell my siblings to take care of our aunt because she is already old and she needs TLC and understanding. She took care of us and it’s our turn to take care of her too now that she’s old. I love my auntie Aning and I really miss her a lot. My hubby miss her too.






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