Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

The past year 2010 was an unforgettable year for me and my family. Too many things happened that year and too many memories that will always stay in my mind. I can’t forget my aunt’s sudden death and my sister’s suffering of her illnesses for a few months that led to her death. The memories are still fresh but I know that as time goes by, God will heal all the wounds and griefs of losing our loved ones. It’s also during the past year that we started our ministry in Anis and then we decided to hold our Sunday services there. The Lord provided a house for us to meet on Sundays and I praise God for that. I also thank God that He blessed us physically last year and also He provided our financial need. Being missionaries here in my homeland with only our sending church who is supporting us is not that easy but God is faithful. We had foods on the table, clothes to wear, and a house to live. Though we have many wants but the Lord provided our need. We didn’t lack the basic necessities in life. Praise God for His faithfulness and provisions. Whatever happened in 2010 is in the past but it doesn’t mean that I will forget it. It’s a past chapter in my life that I can always look back.

I’m happy to welcome 2011 and so excited to see what the good Lord has in store for me to do this year. I pray that this will be a good year and that God will bless our ministry so more souls will be saved. We are looking forward to celebrate our church’s 2nd year anniversary on the last Sunday of this month. Thank you Lord for all the things you’ve done and for all the things you’re going to do in our lives. I give you back the glory, honor and thanksgiving.


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