Saturday, December 29, 2007

Opening Of Christmas Gifts

We opened our Christmas presents after lunch on Christmas day. We waited on Shelly, Robert and Josh before we opened the gifts. The boys of Steven came in the evening with their mom. The kids got lots of presents of course. They got a lot of toys from their aunts and uncles. Hubby and I didn’t give toys. Instead we gave clothes. Wayne in Iowa had sent all the kids Christmas presents. The boys got remote cars from him. They were all happy with their gifts. Kids here in the US are so lucky. They have a lot of toys and clothes on Christmas. I remember the poor kids in the Philippines. They don’t have what the kids have here. Maybe just a simple toy, a new shirt or chocolates will make them happy. I really miss Christmas celebration in the Philippines. We eat the foods that we prepared on Christmas eve. It’s happier there, we go to our neighbors’ house and eat. Karaoke/videoke singing is all over the place. In our house, we had a videoke and my brothers, friends and brother-in-law sing songs with all their heart. I used to sing too though my voice is not that good. Oh well, those were the days.


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