Sunday, July 20, 2008

At Bricktown Canal

My hubby and I had a mini vacation in Oklahoma City for 3 days and 2 nights. Hubby didn’t like to go there because he wanted to go back to San Antonio but I told him that we can go there next time. We’ve been there last year so I’m not really that interested to go back unless we have to. I want to see places that I’ve never seen before. We’ve passed by OKC many times but I haven’t seen the tourist attractions there. I heard that OKC has a lot of tourist attractions that are worth visiting. So I searched the internet of the things to do in OKC. I even printed the directions going to those places from Mapquest because we don’t have a GPS. I also searched for a good hotel to stay and read the reviews in the internet.

So last Thursday, we went to OKC and checked in to a hotel which is close to the tourist spots. After we ate our lunch at Denny’s which is just next to our hotel, we went to Bricktown Canal and we rode the Water Taxi. This place is a copycat of the River Walk in San Antonio. It’s nice there but there’s not as many attractions as in the River Walk because Bricktown Canal was only constructed a few years ago. The place is not as crowded as the River Walk although there are many tourists there too. When hubby paid for our tickets, the sales lady put a badge in our wrists and she said we can ride the water taxi as many times as we want to during that day but we only rode once. I enjoyed the ride and of course I took a lot of photos and video. Then we went back to our hotel to rest and that ended our activities in day one in OKC.

My hubby took some stolen shots and he caught me off guard. He kept laughing and I didn’t know what he was laughing about so I laughed with him while he took my photos only to find out later that this photo that he took made him laughed. He told me not to delete it.

But I have some good poses though to redeem myself from those bad stolen shots. I just love to pose.


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